Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Temple Mount Travesty

Read Melanie Phillips in The Spectator on the Temple Mount travesty.



As a result, the irony is that under overall Israeli rule over Jerusalem, Jews have significantly less freedom of access to the Temple Mount than do the Arabs. Far worse that that, successive Israeli governments have simply turned a blind eye to the appalling and wilful desecration and vandalism of the Jewish foundations of the Temple Mount by the Arab Waqf -- a deliberate attempt to erase the historical proof of the Temple and with it the truth about the origins of Israel as a Jewish state and the heart of the Jewish religion long before the Arabs ever got there...

...If anyone wants to know what would happen to religious freedom and respect for holy sites under any scheme of ‘international’ protection for Jerusalem that some believe would solve the problem posed by that city – and if anyone believes that Israel currently robustly defends its own heritage -- this review furnishes a most dismaying correction to both illusions.

And read this too.

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