Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Off To Paris...and Moscow?

Condi Rice:-

With Annapolis behind us, we will now focus urgently on the next steps that are
necessary from the international community. This will be one of the topics that we will discuss in upcoming meetings with our Quartet partners, the first of which will be held on or around December 17th. On or around that same day, the French Government will host a donors conference in Paris to support Palestinian reform and institution building. We heard today from former Prime Minister Tony Blair, Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad and Defense Minister Barak about this important work.

This conference will be an essential opportunity for the international community to pledge tangible and generous assistance to the economic development of Palestinian society and to provide maximal resources for the Palestinian Authority's program of institutional building in preparation for statehood. We expect broad international attendance at this meeting and I want to thank the French Government for its willingness to organize the conference.

Moscow, too?

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told Russian news agencies Wednesday his country will host the next international conference on the Middle East. He added, "We have yet to agree on the timing and agenda of this meeting."


Anonymous said...

Where will the Medad family go? Back to Israel or to the US? Will you keep the Medad name or go back to your original one when the Yesha dream dies, as it inevitably must ?

Will you destroy your own home or leave it ready for the next user, most likely someone from Sabra and Shatila.

YMedad said...

Dear Anon.,
We keep the name, we keep to the vision, we keep up the Jewish destiny of the Jewish People living in its historic homeland. No one promised us 100% success but for the past 30 years here at Shiloh and 40 years in Yesha, we have been doing well considering the stupendous odds. I won't destroy my home - if anything only an enemy with an outlook of total delegitimization of my existence would do that as we saw in the Katif Bloc. But I don;t think I'll need too.