Thursday, November 29, 2007

Another Foreskin Story (*)

I have posted here at my blog many pictures and also a good few posters, from all sorts of organizations and groups from across the political and ideological spectrum. Several have been funny, weird, outrageous and introspective.

The one below, however, seems to be unique:-

This may be a better reproduction:-

And do you notice the additional note to the side?

It shows three young Jewish men and tells the story of their arrest and sentencing.

It seems that they discovered that young Arabs working in religious neighborhoods would return after work, dressed in jeans, clean shirt and slicked-down hair and present themselves as Jewish. The Arabs had Jewish names and were trying to hook up with "weak" girls.

These three decided to become vigilantes and went hunting and found one called "Rafi". Rafi was beat up so badly that, the poster claims, he will not be able to produce children. It is unclear from the language and terminology of the poster whether he had his member removed or just smashed up. The reference is to "the foreskin of the Philistine".

Now they want help.

Should have done what bloggers do - stalk, take pictures, publish them on a blog and get the police to do their job.

Shall we call this Foreskin Done In?


(*) With apologies to JudeanEve

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