Wednesday, November 28, 2007


From David Wilder:-

Annapolitics has nothing to do with justice, fairness, objectivity, or basic human rights...Make no mistake. The Americans are enemies. Under the leadership of Rice and Bush (in that order) the United States has been transformed into one of Israel's most dangerous foes. The policies being forced down our throats, including abandonment of virtually all of Judea and Samaria, as well as Jerusalem, is only the beginning. The Golan Heights are not far behind.

What can we pray for? Also very simple. The lynchpin of this entire absurdity is Abu Mazen – Mahmoud Abbas, 'president' of the PA.

If Olmert goes, Tzippy, Barak and Bibi are waiting in the wings. Bibi – his reaction wasn't one of horror, rather that we conceded too much without getting anything in return. And when Bush concludes his presidency, who knows who will replace him.

But if Abu Mazen should disappear from the scene, the deal's off. So, maybe we should pray that Hamas get to him ASAP. They know how to do the job and he's more than likely in their sights. Why should the Jews of Hebron have to be the first sacrifice of Annapolitics?


Anonymous said...

There are 4 million WBG Palestinians behind Abbas. You never thought about demographics before all that revenant bullshit.

Shiloh will be a nice relocation setting for a few hundred Palestinian refugees from Lebanon. Thanks for the infrastructure, dudes.

David Wilder won't be living out a quiet retirement in Hebron either, not unless he wants a Palestinian passport.

BTW now that 'Azza is gone shouldn't YESHA be called YESH ? YES?

YMedad said...

WBG??? Whoa-By-God?

Demographics are in our favor laddie/lassie. As for revenancy, its a centuries-old Jewish custom, to return to Zion, from Babylon, from Russia, from Poland, from North and South America, etc. Chassidim have done it, Karaites have done it, Sefaradim have done it, Ashkenazim have done it. The refugees wouldn't know what to do with the infrastructure. Yesh? Naw. Azza will be ours again.