Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Return of Shiloh Perfume

I noted previously that there is a Shiloh perfume.

Well, I received this invitation from Symine Salimpour who heads the company producing Shiloh perfume (and who beat out Angelina Jolie-Pitt in a court case over the name):-

I won't be able to make it but if anyone does go, let me know how the smell is.


Gabriel said...

Well: I just purchased a bottle for my wife for the holidays at Henri Bendel. :) I will let you know how she likes it! I appreciate it a great deal. It's a bit hard to describe: dusky, a bit woody, with a sweet and ephemerally citrus overtone that is... well, equally hard to describe. Head here for more details -- :)

YMedad said...

Well, Gabriel, let me know how it works - and it works best when it is placed on a woman. P.S. How much does it cost?