Monday, November 19, 2007

And Now For Something Totally Different

Judith Regan, the lady with the Golden V [para. 127 here], was fired, if you recall, due to, among other things, anti-semitic remarks (which she continues to deny).

If you want to know what prompted this response:-

I write as a representative of Judith Regan. Hannah Arendt noted that it is characteristic of the totalitarian style to substitute questions of motive for questions of fact. This seems to be no less true in the blogosphere, though for “motive” one might substitute “tone.” Certainly, your musings on Judith Regan’s case seem singularly unconcerned with the facts of the matter – namely, that the defendants named in her lawsuit participated in a campaign to destroy her reputation and credibility because they were (and are) afraid of what she knows about Bernie Kerik and Rudy Giuliani. To make such an assertion without any evidence to back it up might indeed be “preposterous,” as News Corp. maintains. But that happens not to be the case here. There is hard evidence corroborating Ms Regan’s claims, and when it is introduced in court (as it will be at the appropriate time), I hope you will have the grace to apologize for your armchair psychologizing and gratuitous insults.

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