Thursday, November 22, 2007

Well, Bound Me Over

The Binding of Isaac/ Ishmael in Judaism, Christianity and Islam

A joint retreat of Palestinian Peace Society and Interfaith Encounter Association

The Interfaith Encounter Association (IEA) is pleased to invite you to the coming retreat of interfaith encounter and conversations for Israelis and Palestinians, co-organized by IEA with the Palestinian Peace Society. We are very excited to continue the process of building true and sustainable peaceful relations in the Holy Land through deep and sincere interfaith dialogue. This retreat will be held in the charming Guest House of the Austrian Hospice, at the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem, on 29-30 November 2007.

During the conference we will engage in non-political interfaith conversations designed to help participants better know "the other" in his/her humanity, which we believe can make a substantial contribution to human peace among the two peoples and three faiths that share this Holy Land. We will also sing together religious and cultural songs and have time for spontaneous conversations.

Time: From Thursday afternoon November 29th, 2007 till Friday afternoon November 30th.

Place: The Guest House of the Austrian Hospice, Old City, Jerusalem

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