Friday, November 30, 2007

Temple Mount Compromising

Globes has reported that Ehud Olmert, in response to a question, said that

the issue of Israeli sovereignty over the Temple Mount was not up for discussion. "I don’t think that we've done anything to hint that we're prepared to compromise over the Temple Mount."

Olmert responded heatedly to questions about comments by Palestinian officials regarding their objections to recognizing Israel as a Jewish state. "We'll hold the negotiations with the Palestinians on the factual basis that Israel is the national home of the Jewish people, whether the Palestinians accept this now, or whether they'll come to terms with it in the future," he said.

Well, Ehud, let me tell you what I think you have and haven't done to compromise over the Temple Mount.

You don't allow Jews to pray, anywhere, even behind a tree, on the Temple Mount.

You don't permit Jews to overtly identify themselves as Jews there but as "tourists".

You don't stop illegal construction that destroys and eradicates the Jewish past.

You don't halt the Muslim Waqf from its administrative exclusivity.

You don't prevent extremist and radical Muslims from exploiting the Temple Mount.

You allow Jordan to build a fifth minaret.

You allow Egyptian engineers to supervise work on the Southern wall but no Israelis.

You permit construction work of ditch-digging to proceed with improper oversight.

You did not counter press reports at the time that the Temple Mount will pass to a form of Muslim control rather than exclusive Israel sovereignty.

You haven't built an overlook so that Jews who don't enter can see what's going on.

I think that's enough compromising for now.

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