Monday, November 26, 2007

Outrageous Obfuscation and Objurgation

Roger Cohern had this sentence in an op-ed he published today about President Bush's behavior:-

It’s time to rectify the fundamental error he made in allowing war-on-terror rhetoric to discredit the Palestinian national movement.


The Pals. haven't done enough to discredit themselves?
(take a look here, for example, as well as here and this, too).

This is much better:-

The Palestinians are desperate because they are at a dead end. They’ve been the losers over six decades through ineptitude, corruption, Arab hypocrisy and their susceptibility to victims’ hollow consolations.

But this is worse:-

He must insist on Israeli sacrifice — territorial and ideological — in the name of U.S.-guaranteed security. “Without peace,” Bush should tell the Israelis, “the Arab birth rate and the jihadist tide will eventually wash over you.”

Besides being untrue, Israel need not sacrifice anything. Not a durn thing.

This is just plain silly:-

Israel is powerful, but Palestinian humiliation is an Israeli and Jewish nightmare. I feel it; many American Jews feel it.

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