Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Anyone Know How to Pronounce His First Name?

Sounds like an interesting life. But what a name:-

Farquhar MacIntosh, schoolteacher: born Elgol, Ross and Cromarty 27 October 1923; Headmaster, Portree High School 1962-66; Member, Highlands and Islands Development Consultative Council 1965-82; Rector, Oban High School 1967-72; Rector, Royal High School, Edinburgh 1972-89; CBE 1982; married 1959 Margaret Inglis (two sons, two daughters); died Edinburgh 18 November 2007.

Farquhar Macintosh was born into the crofting community and the Highland clans, at Elgol on the Isle of Skye – his mother was a MacKinnon, who inculcated in him a love of song and folklore.

Macintosh's range of extra-curricular activities was enormous. He was chairman of the BBC Secondary Programme Committee, 1972-80, chairman of the Scottish Examination Board, 1977-90, of the Highlands and Islands Education Trust, 1988-97, and of the Governors of Jordanhill College of Education, 1970-72, as well as an active member for 16 years of the Court of Edinburgh University...


Calum said...

Its a pretty common name here in the Highlands of Scotland - albiet a litle old fashioned. Its pronounched as its spelt, with "gu" pronounched as a hard "gg" Fargg har.



YMedad said...

Well, thank ye, laddie! Welcome to the blog.