Friday, November 23, 2007

Today's Visit to Tel Shiloh

For those following this blog you know that I am very involved with Tel Shiloh, the archeological mound where the village of Shiloh existed with the Tabernacle, etc.

And you know that two years ago there was a major excavation involving the discovery of a new basilica. And that the digs were extended to the west where Roman structures have been found.

Well, here's a new view, looking south:

I don't know if you noticed what interested me. Here's a close look:

More about those later.

Well, that was enough of the past. Let's see something from the present and future.

Let's look at some new vineyards that will be producing Shiloh wine soon:


Those two unique looking stones are:

lintels dating from the Roman period, in secondary use in a Moslem structure.

say two people Ruchama and Rachel who wrote to me,.

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