Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Preparatory Conference (reminder) on

“THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE JEWISH NATION OVER THE JEWISH STATE IN ERETZ-ISRAEL”, to be held on TUESDAY, KISLEV 17, 5,768 (November 27, 2,007), between 10:00 - 20:00 In Ramada-Renaissance Hotel, JERUSALEM

Participants (partial, current list) *: Rabbis Dov Lior - Chairman, Ye”Sha Rabbi’s Council; Adin Steinzaltz - President, The Sanhedrin, Shalom-Dov Wolpe - Chairman, The Headquarters for Saving Israel Yoel Schwartz - Supreme Court for B’nei Noa'h; Israel Ariel - Head, The Temple Institute, Yosef Elboim, Yishai Babad, Dov Stein

Other Participants (in Hebrew Alphabetical order):

Att. Dov Even-Or, Mr. Yorm Ettinger, Prof. Paul Eidelberg, Dr. Gadi Eshel, Dr. Yossi Ben-Aharon, Dr. Yuval Brandstetter, Prof. Gabi Barkai, Mrs. Miryam Bar-Yossef, Mrs. Susie Dym, Att. Shimon HaLevy, Prof. Hillel Weiss, Att. Aviad Vissoli, Prof. Arieh Zaritsky, Dr. Amnon Chever, Arch. Gid’on Charlap, Mr. Haim Yativ, Mrs. Nadia Matar, Mr. Shmuel Meidad (Zangi), Dr. Uri Milstein, Mr. Arieh Stav, Mr. Michael Pua'h, Mr. Moshe Feiglin, Prof. Aharon Ziner, Mr. Tzachi Penton, Mr. Ronen Tsafrir, Mr. Moti Karpel, Mr. Shabtai Shiran


The Legal and Judicial State of The Jews in Yehudah, Shomron, Azza, the Jordan Valley, the Golan and Yerushalaiym The Land of Israel, Yerushalaiym, The Temple-Mount and The Holy Temple: Ways to Strengthen their Legal Status - National and International A Constitution Security, Economy and Social Policies in The State of The Jewish Nation The New Jewish Congress Awards to Distinguished Bodies and Persons for Special Contributions to The Cause: Organizational Matters Regarding The First New Jewish Congress

Organization Manager: Mrs. Katy Cohen, 03-5323472
Spokesperson: Susie Dym 08-947.1273
* Partial, Preliminary List

* Initiator organizations: The Sanhedrin, Jewish Leadership, The Headquarters for Saving Israel, B’nei Israel, The Temple Institute, The Temple Institute,

* Additional Participating organizations: The Northern Headquarters, The Committee for the Jewish People and the Land of Israel, Women in Green, Nahallal Forum, Israel Cities Headquarters

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Anonymous said...

Why do they invite this idol worshipper, Shalom Dov Wolpe? Nothing will come out of anything he is associated with.