Saturday, May 17, 2014

With Congressmen DeSantis and Harris

I get a mention:

Two GOP Congress members visit Israel, pledge support

In a town meeting held at the Menahem Begin Heritage Center on May 13, in Jerusalem, moderated by Yisrael Medad, and in a pre-meeting interview, the congressmen shared their views on Israel and the ongoing conflict with the Arab world.

As I was a last-moment substitute moderator, here I am attempting, vainly, to read their CVs from a cell phone screen:

 Credit: Toby Klein-Greenwald

And here I am with the Congressmen later in the week:

That's the ZOA's Jeff Daube to my left, with Regavim's Ari Briggs and the YESHA Council External Affairs Unit's Elie Pierpz at the Psagot Winery.


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