Tuesday, May 06, 2014

America's Jerusalem Consulate is Bi, not Tri, Lingual


"Open to the Public".

Which 'public' is that?

Not the Hebrew-speaking public.



Anonymous said...

The local employees at the Talpiot consulate, which serves the whole Jerusalem area, include no or almost no Jews.

Anonymous said...

The US consulate in Jerusalem OFFICIALLY states that Jewish doctors are to be paid almost twice as much as Arab doctors. http://travel.state.gov/content/dam/visas/Medical/JRS%20-%20Jerusalem

YMedad said...

Anon 10:02 - it's actually Israeli doctors and technically, an Arab Israeli doctor could also receive up to twice the rate in Ramallah since that authorization is based on the prevailing local rates. If the PA ups the rates, the other doctors can receive more, too. The Consulate does not force you to pay a higher rate. if you want to take your life in your hands because you are Jewish and travel to Bethlehem or Ramallah, you can pay less, if you live to tell the tale.

Anonymous said...

Right, I don't think they did it with bigotry in mind.

It is still true that on that list, the one Jewish doctor is the only one who gets almost twice the rate as all the rest.

The prices are specified by the American government and not the free market, so that is not the reason for the difference. (I think the prices there are far above free-market prices.)

America, which often portrays itself as a beacon of freedom and equality, would do well to avoid discrimination.

YMedad said...

Read again:
"Doctors’ names marked (*) on the reverse are
authorized to charge the higher rates listed above marked (*) based on prevailing local fees."

"based on prevailing local fees."

and it's from 2012.