Friday, May 30, 2014

Read My Lips: It's The Holy Land

...And when leaders of our enemies scream that the Temple was never even on the Temple Mount, why shouldn't that student believe them? If our youth doesn't know where the Egyptian border and the Sea of Galilee are, and has never heard of Jerusalem of the time of David and Solomon, we have no chance of protecting our positions in the world.

In Israel, the phrase "the Holy Land" is associated with religious people who froth at the mouth and are on anti-psychotic medication. And look -- this week, holiness appeared. In pomp and circumstance, not as a metaphor but as an objective statement: the Holy See visited the Holy Land and spoke of the "holy balance" between the Israelis and the Palestinians. If we allow ourselves and not just the Vatican to be holy, a large part of the hate monsters will crumple of their own accord. In the jungle, the stronger you are, the fewer wars there are. And strength comes first of all from a spiritual stance.

Emily Amrousi


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