Monday, May 05, 2014

Kavon's Disrupted Concentration

My good friend Emily asked me to read some strange hyperbole published in the Jerusalem Post by an online course grad rabbi, of a Florida congregation

Here's the really offensive part of Dependence days: In the shadow of Kishinev which actually starts off as some xenophobic rant and concludes on a similar note, if I understand his intent--

When the current American administration attempts to stop Jews from living in any area of Jerusalem – and when the possibility of dividing Jerusalem is still on the negotiating table – this differs little from Czar Nicholas I confining Jews to the Pale of Settlement in Russia two centuries ago...As long as American administrations can tell Jews where to live and not to live, they diminish Israel’s integrity as a sovereign and independent nation.

and then zooms off the cloud-cuckooland [with my comments]--

The Green Line, once representing the Jewish power [what power? hundreds of dead due to the infiltrators, psychological terror, a constant threat that you couldn't go anywhere in full security] to live within borders that were the result of victory in war, has eroded into not just Abba Eban’s “Auschwitz borders” but into “Czarist borders.” [so, we are the new model of the Russian anti-Semite?] The current American administration and their supporters among Jews in America would never embrace imperialism [imperialism in our own land?] in their relationship with any country in the Middle East – except for Israel. [except for Syria in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza]...

Welcome to the new colonialism, the new imperialism and the vestige of Bialik’s Kishinev. As I wish a happy birthday to the only Jewish state in the world, I lament that there is still Galut in Geulah and exile on J Street.

Exploiting Bialik to compare the Jewish nation's existence in its homeland is really an irrational thought.

I really tried to concentrate on what Kavon wrote but I admit: his thought processes are beyond my grasp.


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Anonymous said...

I liked his talking about Galut while sitting in Boca Raton!