Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Telling Timeline

Here is Al-Jazeera's Timeline of the "Palestinian Revolution":

Pay attention, if you will, to the following points:

1.   No mention of any Arab aggression, violence, attacks and other forms of initiated terror and hostilities during the "1947-1948" entry.

2.   The rejection of the partition plan is dated at May 1948, not Novemebr 1947.

3.   The only UN resolution noted is the 194 one on the supposed "right of return" (that doesn't exist).

4.   In 1950, the West Bank is simply "put under the administration of Transjordan".  No "annexation" and no "illegal occupation".

5.   At October 1959, they do note Fatah seeks to "launch a war".

6.   The "armed struggle" begins in 1965, two and a half years prior to any Israel "occupation" or "settlement construction".


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