Thursday, May 08, 2014

Prof. Auron Has A Problem

How do you tell a professor that he's, well, slightly incorrect?


Letter to a Palestinian reader: Holocaust, resurrection and Nakba

Unless Israelis recognize the crimes we committed in 1948 and Palestinians recognize the horrors of the Holocaust, there is no chance of reconciliation.

By Yair Auron | May 8, 2014 |

I wish to address you, the Arab reader in general and the Palestinian reader in particular, in advance of the upcoming publication in Arabic of my book “The Holocaust, the Resurrection and the Nakba” (by Madar Press in Ramallah; Resling, 2013; an English translation is due out in late 2014).

His problem is that he assumes (or is ignoring) that the arabs of Mandate Palestine had nothing to do with the Holocaust.

That is quite wrong.

Therefore, his approach is wrong.

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negi said...

Gah, why isn't the govt of Israel taking out ads in the NYTimes with the pic of Husseini shaking Hitler's hand and some text about how the "consensus leader" of the Arabs (in the words of Edward Said) met to convince Hitler to extend the holocaust to the middle east and north africa, and moreover talk about how the Jews fought for the British without recognition and then a little epigraph from Paassen's "forgotten ally"?

This is how we catch them on the back foot. Then they are left standing there trying to justify the unjustifiable.