Monday, May 12, 2014

Menachem Begin, Putin and Hitler

Remember the criticism of Menachem Begin when he compared Arafat in Beirut to Hitler in his bunker?  Like this

Nor is there any doubt that exploitation of the Holocaust for political purposes has taken its toll since Menachem Begin compared Yasser Arafat in besieged Beirut to Hitler in his Berlin bunker.


March 5, Former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton on Tuesday compared Russian President Vladimir Putin's aggression in Ukraine to actions taken by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler outside Germany in the run-up to World War II.

Making her first extensive comments about the crisis in Ukraine, Clinton said at a private fundraiser in California that Putin's campaign to provide Russian passports to those with Russian connections living outside his country's borders is reminiscent of Hitler's protection of ethnic Germans outside Germany, according to a report published overnight.

And John McCain in April:

After McCain brought up Hitler, Rose mentioned Clinton and clarified her remarks, saying that she was not actually comparing Putin to Hitler. "I will compare him to Hitler," McCain responded. 

Let's remember that Begin was Jewish and Israeli.

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