Friday, May 09, 2014

My Sokatch Comment

At his blog

let's go easy on appellations. not every right-of-center politician/activist is an extremist (by the way, who do you consider a non-extremist?).  usually, an extremist calls another an extremist because they are so far away from each other.
secondly, in my experience, while money does a lot, the best way to keep Israel democratic is to actually be here and vote.  and remember, a lot of nice people don't think highly of money being used to subvert democracy in Israel, i.e., turn around the elections through financial influence.
third, following on that, funding groups that are quite extreme, who, in too many instances, have been shown to be anti- or non-Zionist preferring a universal progressive and radical liberal agenda, is, well, extreme in itself and seen not to be friendly.
oh, and fourth, the more Jews here, the more a Jewish state we are.

Daniel Sokatch, he New Israel Fund Executive Director blogged:

The protestors seek to narrow the margins of debate about Israel. They can't seem to come to terms with the notion that, for many thousands of us, loving Israel means not sweeping Israel's problems under the rug, but rather helping Israelis overcome the most difficult challenges Israel faces: from ending the occupation, to preserving democratic freedoms, to upholding women's rights...Sadly, the shofar blowers are getting support from Israeli extremists, including those in positions of real influence...there is a visceral connection between those protesting the UJA and the ultra-nationalist settlers who hold so much influence in the current Israeli government. Both seek to narrow the scope of acceptable discourse. Both are emboldened by the collapse of the peace process. Both want to rip Israel away from its heritage as a liberal democracy...The time has also come for us to step up our investment to change the public discourse in Israel and to rebuild the pro-democracy, progressive camp. You will be hearing more from me soon about the bold steps we are initiating...The noisy extremists will not deter us...We will continue to provide the support that Israel's champions of democracy need to build a better Israel.


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Isn't Sokatch th ereal name of Bigfoot?