Sunday, May 18, 2014

Another Jewish Residency to be Demolished

In Germany.

And all because the paper work was improper.


Christa Liedtke, 75, decided to sell the half-timbered house near Cologne three years ago, after she...poured thousands of euros into renovating it. 


Local authority officials told her she had to pull it down because there was no planning permission to build the house in the first place.  Irmgard Mertins, widow of a Jewish banker murdered by the Nazis, had built the house in 1939, as a place to wait out the war. In the chaos of war she failed to apply for all the right paperwork.
...When Liedtke and her daughter bought the building - paying €250,000 for it in 2005 - they were not made aware of the missing paperwork...[but] the letter of the law must be followed in such cases...Liedtke's appeal against the demolition order is to go to the region's higher administrative court in M√ľnster, but a date has not yet been set.



Anonymous said...

Had I been the mediator after ww2, with the knowledge I have now; I would have granted surviving jews the best lands in Germany.

aparatchik said...

And which army would have defended them with their lives, Mr Mediator?