Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Where'd The Green Line & West Bank Go?

Page 12, this book

The map of the World War I campaign.

Do you see "West Bank"?

Do you see a Green Line?


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Jewish Odysseus said...

Dr. Medad, thanx for all your great work!

This old map reminded me of a wonderful episode a few years ago on the net. I was very active on a Middle-East discussion website, as were several hundred people there at that time. One of the anti-Israel leaders was an Arab lady living in UK. This day she "refuted" those of us who denied the historical legitimacy of "Palestine" by linking to an old 1863 map like this one here, referring to Palestine.
Well. The beautiful thing about the net is we can examine these things at our leisure, so I clicked on that link, and enlarged the map. And enlarged it again.
Once-too-tiny words now jumped out from the map, including: J-U-D-E-A and: S-A-M-A-R-I-A.
Brute that I am, I of course gleefully reported this to all the group on the site. The Arab lady defended herself by saying "This must have been a Zionist map!" (kid you not) A Zionist map that SHE had freely selected to prove her point...A Zionist map published when Theodore Herzl was 3 years old...
We had a GOOD laugh that day!