Sunday, January 20, 2013

Viva La Difference or A Lesson in Israeli Economics

I was in a mini-market and these two boxes caught my eye:

On the left is a breakfast cereal called Oogi Chocolata.
It contains chocolate-flavored cereal flakes in a puffed, "krispie"-like form.
On the right is a breakfast cereal also called Oogi.
It contains cereal flakes in a puffed, "krispie"-like form and is chocolate flavored.
One costs 16.50 NIS and the other costs 16.90.
Can anyone tell me:-
a) what is the difference between the two besides the box color?
b) why is there a difference in cost?
Israeli economics.


Perry Zamek said...

The one on the left is chocolate flavored dough with chocolate chips. The one on the right is regular dough with chocolate chips.
Both are probably high in sugar, and low in nutritional value.
Buy Corn Flakes instead (about 17 shekels for 750 grams, instead of for 500 grams of these).

Anonymous said...

its so obvious that one is cookie shaped and one is not.

Alan said...

they were sourced from different distributors, who sold them to the supermarket at different prices. A uniform markup was applied. Or perhaps one was older stock and was at the "old" price". Lots of possible routine reasons. Never actually ran a business, have you, Yisrael?