Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Thought On Betar Jerusalem

Betar (or Beitar as they spell it) Football Club has problems with its fans and its policy to avoid signing Muslims.

That is a regrettable situation, totally in opposition to Ze'ev Jabotinsky's political philosophy.

But one thing did jump out at me, in another sense.

The team's management tried to avoid any violence today by having the game against the Um El-Fahm team played without a crowd.

But they withdrew when Um El-Fahm claimed financial loss.

So, an attempt to prevent violence by total separation is rejected.  And every liberal is happy.

There will be 550 police on hand, however.

So why are Jews banned from displaying any overt indications of Jewishness from prayer, to swaying to lip-moving on the Temple Mount?  Why is separation fine and dandy there, usually justified by preventing violence?

And why can't the police mobilize for a prayer event a similar number of policemen as it does for a soccer game?


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