Sunday, January 20, 2013

Amazing Arab-Israeli Cooperation

I didn't make it to Eilat but look what I missed:

Arab hips don't lie: No belly-dancer is boycotting this Israel performance!

While Arab politicians might avoid visiting Israel at any cost given its hostile status and disputes over the still unresolved occupation of Palestinian land; Arab belly-dancers are reportedly having a much leaner approach.
Arab belly dancers and oriental dance teachers from Egypt, Jordan and Morocco will head to Israel to participate in the world’s biggest belly dancing festival, local media reported.
Around 950 dancers will partake in the four-day event starting January 16 in the southernmost city in Israel, Eilat, Ynet News reported Friday. The paper, however, didn’t detail the exact number of Arab belly dancers and teachers participating.
Despite the Israeli operation that began with a missile strike targeting the military wing of Islamist group Hamas in mid-November in Gaza Strip, there were no cancelations by the Arab participants, Orit Maftsir, one of the festival’s organizers and a world-renowned belly dancer, said.
Turkish belly dancers and teachers will also join the event.

''Beyond the cultural relations the festival creates between the region's countries, it also helps strengthen relations between the people,'' [said] the manager of the Club Hotel chain, which is hosting the festival... (ANSAmed).

And while researching this unbelievable item, I cam across a different cooperation:

I do not know her name, but his name is Naftali Bennett.

I guess the wonders of computer-driven advertising really work.


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