Thursday, January 31, 2013

Chuck Hagel - Dumbest

Is Chuck Hagel dumb or dumbest?



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Anonymous said...

Nothing dumn about this guy. Appointing him would be similar to appointing Jimmy Carter. They both would put their hands on Lincolns bible and Martin Luther Kings swearting to defend Israels best interest, while sereptiously arming and organizing Syria, Libya, Egypt and any other country that wants to get on the band wagon for the take down of Israel. The annointed one is probably grinding his teeth at night after the delay that was created by Russia in foiling his attempt to take out Syria quickly. Ben Gazi went sour he did not get his hybridized Islamic hate crime legislation..... this guy has to get Hagal appointed or he is going to go nuts. He needs someone in charge of the military that will not question his orders to take down Israel and assist all those who want to participate.