Monday, January 28, 2013

Two-State Solution Doesn't Exist


Hamas renews rejection of two-state solution

CAIRO, (PIC, January 28, 2013) – Hamas movement renewed on Sunday its rejection of the two-state solution, affirming its refusal to recognize the “Zionist entity”.

Hamas said in a press release that its acceptance of establishing a Palestinian state on 1967 land did not mean forsaking historical Palestine or recognizing legitimacy of the occupation on the remaining land of Palestine.

The movement expressed dismay at statements of PA chief Mahmoud Abbas...

Hamas said that it backed all kinds of resistance against occupation including popular and armed resistance...


rejection of the two-state solution

refusal to recognize the “Zionist entity”

no forsaking of historical Palestine

no recognizing legitimacy of Israel on the remaining 
(pre-67) land of Palestine.

dismay expressed at Mahmoud Abbas claiming acceptance
of the two-state solution

backing all kinds of resistance including popular and armed resistance

establishing the independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital. 


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