Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hagel: 'Settlements' Need Be Negotiated

In 2009, at the first J Street Conference, this is the sole mention of the supposedly most pressing issue in the Israel-Arab conflict as well as the rest of the region, if you believe that, by Chuck Hagel:-

Security guarantees will be a central part of any Israeli-Palestinian Peace Agreement, especially for Israel. This should be addressed at the front end of a new peace process negotiation framework. Israel will require this assurance as borders and settlements are negotiated.

Very non-comittal and low-key.

The issue of Jewish communities is to be negotiated.

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Anonymous said...

Just like Hitler, moving stealthily at first. Just reading nazi Germany and the Jews: Years of Persecution 1933-39 by Saul Friedlander.
Also, evidence of US Jews having words of support for Hitler and attacking Jews in Europe for spreading lies against Germany. There is no doubt we are at 1933 redux...