Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Obama is So Unoriginal

The news out of Washington is:

Barack Obama sees Benjamin Netanyahu as a "political coward" whose policies pose a greater threat to Israel's existence than Iran's nuclear programme because he does not know what is in the country's best interests, it has been claimed.

Old approach.

Very old and very redundant.

There was this

by Moign Khawaja in the Foreign Policy Journal, January 19, 2009

There was this  From a January 2005 issue of Harper's:

and way back when there was this:

by George W. Ball in Foreign Affairs, April 1977 !!

Meanwhile, I'd suggest it is Israel that is saving the West, if only they'd let us.


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Anonymous said...

There will never be a shortage of "well-wishers" who wish to save us from ourselves nor of those who wish to save themselves from us. Often they are one in the same.