Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Turkey Shows Us What Will Be With "Palestine"

As regards archaeology, at least:

Turkey has been accused of cultural chauvinism and attempting to blackmail some of the world's most important museums in the wake of its demands for the return of thousands of archaeological treasures.
According to cultural chiefs in Berlin, Paris and New York, Turkey has threatened to bar foreign archaeologists from excavation sites in the country by not renewing their digging permits if governments refuse to return artefacts that Ankara says were unlawfully removed from Turkish soil. It has also threatened to halt the lending of its treasures to foreign museums, they say.


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Perry Zamek said...

Of course, during the Ottoman period, they removed valuable artifacts from the Land of Israel, including the original Shiloach inscription.
Currently located in Constantinople.
Oops. Byzantium.
Oops. Istanbul.