Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Soul Corruption

As an information service for my reading public, I submit for your reading displeasure a transcript of how Muslim children are indoctrinated. Is this the fault of the child, his/her parents, his teacher, his religion? You decide.

Via Memri:

Following are excerpts from a TV program for children, which aired on Al-Hafez TV, an Egyptian-Saudi Koran-memorization channel, on April 27, 2009:

TV host: Today, we are going to talk about Khaybar...One of the tribes of the Jews in the Arabian Peninsula lived in Khaybar. We said we would devote a special program to Khaybar, because it is very similar to what is going on in Palestine with the Jews.

Some of the Jews who used to live in Al-Madina... We've talked about them before, right? Who were they?

Children: Bani Nadhir.

Host: That's right. Who else?

Children: Bani Qaynuqa'.

Host: Bani Qaynuqa' and Bani Qurayza. So there were three Jewish tribes living in Al-Madina. They violated one treaty after another, and the Prophet Muhammad banished them from Al-Madina. Where did they all gather, Muhammad? They all gathered in Khaybar...Khabyar become a center that was dangerous to the Muslims. There was discord coming from Khaybar. From Khaybar, they would instigate disagreement among the Muslims...

...TV host: So the Prophet Muhammad had to put an end to the anarchy coming from there. Of course, the Jews, by their nature, know that their confrontation with the Muslims will come for sure. For sure. Why Maryam? Because our hatred towards the Jews is perpetual and continuous...

...This is happening to this day. It is even said in the Koran: "You shall find the strongest people in enmity to the believers to be the Jews and the polytheists." The Jews... who is the greatest enemy of Islam? The Jews...They do all they can to hurt the Muslims' feelings and to harm their holy places...


the Prophet Muhammad laid siege to Khaybar for 15 whole days.


All the Jews gathered in...? Where did they gather, children? In Khaybar. It's just like today, when the center of command of the Jews is... where? In Palestine, which they call Israel. They are in Palestine.

Allah be praised, it is as if history repeats itself. Today, they are building the separation wall around Israel. Allah be praised... Because when the Jews were all gathered in Khaybar, and had finished building walls and fortifications around it, the Prophet Muhammad became aware of the danger, and gathered all the Muslims to fight these Jews, in order to drive the Jews out of the place and neutralize the danger. When their wall is completed, the army of Allah and of Muhammad will return, Allah willing. That's why we always say to them: "Khaybar, Khaybar, oh Jews – the army of Muhammad will return."


Allah willing, the Muslims will return to their religion, will unite their ranks, and will regain their strength, Allah willing. The Prophet said: Judgment Day will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews, and the stones and trees will say: "Oh Muslim, there is a Jew behind me, come and kill him." Except for what tree?

Muhammad: The Zaqum tree.

TV host: No, the gharqad tree. This tree can be found all over Israel. they plant it so that they can hide behind it, because they know that it will not tell on them when they hide behind it.


Now, I think your first reaction maybe as mine - that this is so infantile, so idiotic, so fantastical - like a cross between a gothic and science fiction novel. Can rational and sane people believe that this represents the religion that is touted as one of peace? Or is this an outrageous perversity of hatred?

Are intellectuals, theologians and men of the clergy truly comfortable with this ideology, this approach to the humanism of life?

Are those who feel that Israel has been unkind to the Arab residents of the Holy Land truly comfortable with this spew? Or do they realize that a political struggle has slid into a morass of hate, resulting in the numbing of one side and neutering their objective moral positions?

Do you know comprehend where the suicide bombers come from?

Do you now understand that no compromise can ever be achieved with such education?

You have witnessed corruption of the soul.

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