Sunday, May 24, 2009


From a wedding story of two lesbians:

COFFEE was all Kate Adamick had in mind for her blind date with Kay Diaz. So Ms. Adamick did not anticipate proposing marriage. Especially not before their second date. The two women were introduced Feb. 4, 2008, via an e-mail message from their mutual friend, Jim Rogers, the New York State deputy attorney general in the social justice division, for which Ms. Diaz, 45, is a senior trial counsel.

“I’m no yenta, but I think this is going to work,” Ms. Adamick said Mr. Rogers told her in a phone call.

And what's a yenta?

Read on:

On Valentine’s Day the women exchanged photographs. “It’s an absolute bonus she is as beautiful as she is,” Ms. Adamick said. They scheduled their first phone call four days later. Lengthy, nightly conversations ensued.

“We’re both ranters,” Ms. Adamick said of their three-hour marathons that ran the gamut from political prognostications to romantic reveries.

Ranters will fit the bill.

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