Thursday, May 28, 2009

Set of Wall Posters

If this is the first time you're visiting one of my blog posts on the subject of "Wall Posters", allow me to explain.

Usually once a week or a fortnight, I make a foray into the neighborhoods of either Meah Shearim, Geula or Zicron Yaakov. I am usually looking at books, making a unique food purchase or taking a short cut.

On the walls and at offical municipal billboards, the issues that bestir the residents of these Ultra-Orthodox ("Hareidi") locations are there for all to see via the wall posters or, as they are called in Yiddish, "pashkevilin" (in the plural, and here) including you via the pictures I take and post here.

The latest batch:

1) A ban on purchasing the HaBahir edition of the Shulchan Arukh has been removed:
2) Anti-Internet, quoting Rav Sh. Wasner that all sorts of bad things happen and families have broken up:
3) Further clarification on the matter of Kohanim driving through a certain section of Tiberias which may contain a cemetery:
4) A reduced reproduction of many mourning notices for Rav Meir Brandsdorfer of the Eidah Hareidit:
5) The Old Beis Yaakov of Bet Shemesh is also mourning:
6) More Shabbat difficulties:
7) A real estate development project near the area is viewed as threatening to their moral and cultural way-of-life:

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