Monday, May 25, 2009

Quick Visit To Shiloh Antiquities

I was at the Tel today with a very old friend.

An overview of Shiloh before we Jews returned:

And here's another overview, from 1920:

This is a steel engraving drawn by W. H. Bartlett, engraved by C. Cousen. ca 1850 of a site we refer to as Qubat A-Shakinah (Dome of the Divine Presence) or Jam'a A-Seitin ('Group of the Sixty', referring to 60 warriors in the Persian-Arab battle here in 638):

(found here)

And here you can see in the lower center of this picture, the original lintel which appears in the engraving above:

Here's a 1920 photograph (it's actually a double as it's from the old stereoscopy style where two pictures were presented just a bit different to each eye which allowed a 3-D effect. My Uncle Arthur has a whole set from "Palestine" from over 100 years ago. Here are some others. And here are others.)

a view from several decades ago:

and this is what that structure looks like today:


and here is another structure, closer to the Tel, Wali Yeitin (you are looking from the north towards the south-west with the Muslim building at the extreme left with the famous fig tree to its right. Under that building, we discovered a very large Byzantine basilica from about 400 CE, one of the first to be built in Eretz-Yisrael):

and this is what it looked like in 1920 from the north where the Tel is:


Shifra said...

Thanks for the tour without making me leave my chair. I really like the old style photographs, low resolution but lots of atmosphere.

YMedad said...

try these for other picture:


YMedad said...

let's do that again:

try these for other picture:


Martijn Lauwens said...

Who are the people in these old pictures?? They look like...Arabs!!!???