Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And Where Are The "Oppressed Territories"?

Israel is accused of administrating "occupied territories" and of being a "colonialist" power.

I'm willing to agree to "disputed territories" and certainly not colonialist.

But "oppressed territories"?

Where are those?

Spain. That's where.

Eta, the Basque separatist group, has threatened to attack British tourists and second-home buyers in the French Basque Country for destroying the region’s culture and heritage.

In an interview with Gara, a newspaper sympathetic to the separatist cause, two masked members said thatuewere part of a wave of colonisation that was eradicating the traditional Basque way of life and language.

An Eta commander, using the alias Gaeuko, said: “If these things do not change, these oppressed territories will become leisure areas for the English, for Parisians and people from Bordeaux.”

Oh my. All that's missing is the term "illegal settlements".

P.S. Is there a "West Bank" in Spain?

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, next to the Safra bank of Madrid