Saturday, May 30, 2009

Antizionism Goes Legit

An Antizionist political party has been formed:

and its running in the European Union elections:

...the newly formed anti-Zionist party headed by French comedian Dieudonné, who has been convicted on charges of anti-Semitism. On Sunday, French Justice Minister Rachida Dati said that despite an attempt by some French politicians to oust Dieudonné’s party from the elections, the group would remain in the campaign. “For the moment, we don’t have any evidence capable of preventing Dieudonné from running,” she said on the French TV network Grand Jury RTL-Le Figaro-LCI.

and this

...the Anti-Zionist Party or PAS.

The news of their collaboration and electoral ambitions has caused oceans of ink to flow at all the websites, and has spurred some to call for a ban on the party. Others are opposed to such a ban since it would only help the cause of the PAS by granting it instant martyrdom. Ivan Rioufol, a journalist with Le Figaro, writing at his blog earlier this month speaks of the possibility of banning this new party from the elections:

Personally, I have always felt that a democratic debate was not improved by silencing scandalous opinions or realities. For this reason, I have always opposed the Gayssot Law that penalizes Holocaust denial. It seems to me that the best way to victimize Dieudonné and his friends, who are eager for victimization, would be to ban the public expression of their anti-Zionist obsessions. [...] You cannot smother out dangerous ideas. Rather, you fight back in public discussions and in the voting booth.

The PAS would have the remotest chance of succeeding were it not for the Muslim presence in France. The Muslim presence is now coming to the aid of those anti-Semitic elements that lie dormant waiting for their hour to come. The Muslim presence has brought together the Left and Islam and the anti-Semitic Right in a coalition fit for hell. Dieudonné and Soral, but especially Soral, hold hybrid positions on various issues, mixing socialism, tradition, nationalism, anti-EU-ism, multi-culturalism, etc... thus disseminating even more confusion, but at bottom, for these two men and their Muslim-led party, Israel (and by natural extension all Jews), are the cause of all the evil in the world. This is the "traditional" point of view held by the congenital anti-Semite.

Last March, Le Monde announced that Alain Soral had accepted Dieudonné's invitation to join him on the ballot:

Addressing him as "my dear Dieudonné", Soral, former member of the French Communist Party and one-time adviser to Jean-Marie Le Pen, affirmed that he heard loud and clear Dieudonné's "vibrant appeal for a union of all those who refuse to submit." And that he was in favor of "opposing Zionism and denouncing the ever more conspicuous and weighty interference by the French pro-Zionist lobby in the affairs of our country." […] Soral has added a few other points to his humorist friend's political road map: "The fight against the rise of commercial globalist totalitarianism which is what the European Union is in reality; the defense of French workers and their rights against the plan for the destruction of our industries, public services, and small businesses by globalized capitalism, hence by the European Union; the return of the State to all large economic sectors, or a well-reasoned protectionism"

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