Monday, May 25, 2009

Bibi's First Big Mistake


During a heated Likud faction meeting Monday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made it clear that Israel will soon have to remove the illegal West Bank outposts as demanded by the US – and then focus its attention on the Iranian nuclear threat.

"These are unusual times, and the threat is heading towards us. The most dangerous thing for a living organism is not recognizing the danger. My job is to secure the State of Israel's future. This takes precedence over everything else," Netanyahu said.

The PM added "during the election campaign I also said that we are a law abiding country, and we will have to deal with the illegal outposts – hopefully by way of dialogue," the PM told the faction meeting.

Not only because it's wrong but because it will begin to undercut his political base of a coalition.


g said...

What if this step will prove to be in a right direction, which is towards establishing peace and security? In that case he will gain support but from a different side. Let's keep our hopes up and our minds open.

YMedad said...

You know what, Galia, I'll 'flow' with you as we say in Hebrew on this one and we'll see. Okay?

Martijn Lauwens said...

Evacuating a few outposts will not be enough.
The occupation has to stop. Only then there will be real peace.

Ron Russell said...

Being far removed from Israel and Israeli politics I have a question. Why is the area on the west bank of the Jordan River always referred to as Palestine when before the Six Day War it was part of Jordan. Why not give it or part of it back to Jordan since the Palestinians living in that area have become radicalized over the years. Maybe I know little about this, but as I said just a question.

g said...

Why don't you give your home back to Acolapissa instead of making judgments about other peoples.