Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yes, There Is Justice

Correcting a wrong:

A combat soldier from the Givati Brigade who confessed to looting during the IDF offensive in the Gaza Strip in January has returned the money he stole to the Palestinian man he stole from, with interest.

The soldier was charged last week and pleaded guilty to stealing a credit card from the home of a Palestinian, later using it to withdraw NIS 1,600 ($400).

..."I am writing you on my client's behalf, he expresses his regrets and sincere apologizes for withdrawing funds from your client's account. My client wants to right his wrongdoing and return the money," Roda wrote.

The soldier's trial has been scheduled for Wednesday. He will be charged with looting. The Palestinian has been barred from testifying as he is suspected of acts of terror. Police said various explosive devices were found in his home.

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