Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Pope Visits The Temple Mount

According to the Hebrew Ynet report, you'll be informed that the Temple Mount has "two parts, the Jewish and the Muslim section" and that's where the Pope visited today.

I am not quite sure that definition's bad. Sometimes, in a situation like this, fifty per cent is more than you'd expect.

And if you can actually read the accompanying Hebrew text, it reads there that the Pope, on the Temple Mount, visited

במתחם כיפת הסלע

which translates as : "in the Dome of the Rock compound." That's even better. No Haram El-Sharif ("Noble Sanctuary").

Funny how ignorant journalists can make the correct mistakes.

The English-language Ynet story, has the pope visiting "the Dome of the Rock shrine inside the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound, a site holy to Jews and Muslims."

P.S. And, by the way, couldn't find any video clip. According to the BBC,

There was no live television coverage of the visit because of a dispute between Israeli and Palestinian broadcast companies, said the BBC's David Willey, who is travelling with the Pope.

That's hilarious. And they still expect us to negotiate a peace settlement?

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