Thursday, May 22, 2008

Who Do You Believe? Or is Jenin Really Like Paris?

Following up on my alarming post of yesterday (here), read these two reports and ask yourselves, who do you believe (or is that whom do you believe or even which?):-

The commander of the Palestinian forces in the Jenin district, Maj.-Gen. Suliman Umran, does not conceal his satisfaction. "The situation in the sector is quieter than ever. Jenin is like Paris in terms of personal safety." He responds immediately to the skeptical glances. "I'm not exaggerating. The PA forces operate everywhere without fear. There are no more illegal weapons in the area. Anyone carrying such weapons will be arrested immediately."

Armed gunman have indeed disappeared from the streets of Jenin and even of Qabatiyah, the town to the south that was considered a Jihad stronghold.



US-Trained Fatah Force Proving Impotent

The Palestinian Authority / Fatah special police force that was trained by the US to fight terrorists has turned out to be a failure, according to recent reports. The US-backed police force was supposed to enable Israel to turn over security control of Judea and Samaria to the PA, as a prelude to a possible retreat from its biblical heartland. But so far the force's contingent in Jenin has been running scared from the terrorists it was supposed to bring under control.

According to WorldNetDaily, the Jenin unit's first mission was to clear out a section of Kabatiya, a neighborhood south of Jenin which is considered the main base for the Islamic Jihad terrorist group.

About 200 policemen attempted to engage members of Islamic Jihad, Hamas and Fatah's own "Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades." But witnesses, including members of Fatah and Israeli security sources, said that within less than 30 minutes of the start of the clashes, the elite PA police force retreated from the scene. "The security men ran away scared. They didn't arrest anyone," said one witness.

(Kippah tip: BPOK)

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Jameel @ The Muqata said...

I was rather scared to wear my kippa in Paris. At least in Jenin, I can carry an M16.