Tuesday, May 27, 2008

No Problem

Someone thought this clashed with my blog post the other day on the unreliability of the Pal. police:-

The Palestinian Authority's security forces are becoming increasingly successful in their operations in the West Bank, according to a senior Israeli security source. Indeed he said their performance has so improved that, contrary to the fears of many senior Israeli officials, an Israeli pullout from the West Bank would not automatically result in Hamas being able to take over the area shortly thereafter.

But according to the same source, one area in which the PA security forces have not been sufficiently effective is in combating what he termed "the terrorist infrastructure" in the West Bank.

"They hesitate to outlaw Hamas. They arrest Hamas and [Islamic] Jihad militants, but a short while later they release them," he said. "There is no follow-through in the way they deal with those they arrest: They are not tried, they are not jailed. They are still not dealing with the root of the problem, not even in Jenin, where a large-scale PA security operation is taking place."

Well, for one, who is this source?
Could it be Dan Halutz, who said that Israel could “get by without the Golan.”?

But anyone reading the above will discern its internal contradiction.

There is no problem of a clash with Smith's piece.

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