Sunday, May 18, 2008


To kvetch is to constantly complain in a whining manner. Another Yiddishism.

Why do I recall that?

Read this:-

Bush's 'Israel bias' angers Abbas

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has accused US President George W Bush of bias towards Israel, following a speech to the Israeli parliament last week. "What the president said at the Knesset made us angry, and to be honest, we don't accept it," Mr Abbas said.

Mr Bush lavished praise on Israel and barely mentioned the Palestinians in his speech, which marked the 60th anniversary of Israel's foundation.

...on Sunday the Palestinian Authority president revealed that he had demanded an explanation from Mr Bush for his comments in Israel.

"We had many things to say about it, and we told him this when we met him yesterday, because we speak with him openly, honestly and transparently. We have asked him to maintain a balanced position," Mr Abbas said.

Mr Bush had told Israeli politicians that the US was their closest ally, and that their country was a "homeland for the chosen people".

Well, you should know Mr. Abbas that the Land of Israel is indeed the Jewish homeland and the entire civilized world recognized that reality and truth and awarded Great Britain a Mandate to promote Jewish immigration and Jewish close settlement on that land, the territory of which was originally on both banks of the Jordan. But Gt. Britain cut off - what we call partitioned - the area and allowed a Saudi Arabian refugee called Abdallah to set up an Emirate and then a Kingdom there.

But you've probably read my blog and know all this.

The only comfort I can give you is that if ever you set up a "Palestine" state, after 60 years some American President will also praise you and yours.

Be patient - and stop killing Jews.

P.S. And don't get me started on kvetching about Bush's two-state solution. He's got such a Tsedraiter kop (also here). Or maybe farmisht.

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