Thursday, May 15, 2008

More NYTimes Defeatism and Cowardice

Here's how the NYT editorial shifts the balme for violence to the legitimate governmental authority, makes apologies for the Hezbollah use of violence and then demands the Lebanese government and the US to further kowtow:-

The current crisis began last week when Mr. Siniora’s government — which unites large sections of the Sunni, Druse and Maronite communities — tried to shut down a telecommunications and surveillance network run by the militant group Hezbollah. That would have been a welcome reassertion of governmental authority, except that the government does not have the political and military clout to pull it off.

Hezbollah — which enjoys broad backing from the Shiites, Lebanon’s largest and poorest community, as well as Iran and Syria — fought back...The government, unfortunately, had little choice but to yield on the telecommunications issue. Flush with its military gains, Hezbollah may demand more than Mr. Siniora can grant without forfeiting all legitimacy. What is needed now is a keep Hezbollah in line, the deal should be guaranteed by Iran and Syria.

...If Mr. Bush really wants to help Mr. Siniora he will need to talk with Hezbollah’s masters in Syria and Iran: about the risks they court by promoting instability in Lebanon and the rewards they might reap in return for a more constructive approach. Mr. Bush’s stubborn refusal to negotiate with either Syria or Iran has weakened American influence throughout the region.

As if Hezbollah, Syria nd Iran don't already know what they are doing: agression and subversion.


Anonymous said...

Try looking at it from the Lebanese perspective. Al-Manar station is a vital instrument for the defence of the interests of Lebanon, against Israeli intervention.

It's very similar to what settlers thought when Sharon decided to dismantle the settlements in Gaza and Samaria. Having decided thus, the government is illegitimate, and therefore the use of force is not only excusable, but is also necessary.


YMedad said...

Sorry bit I can't quite comprehend that "perspective". Are you comparing Hezbollah and the "settlers", whom I term as revenants? Hezbollah is a terrorist organization that seeks the Shi'ite domination of Lebanon. It was a historical fluke that Shi'ites ended up in Southern Lebanon, like the Dutch in South Africa, if you ask me. So, Al-Manara is as important to you as...? the subjugation of free Lebanon?