Sunday, May 25, 2008

There's a Problem

and it's not one with which only Israel has to deal.

Italian police have arrested hundreds of suspected illegal immigrants.

In a government clampdown, police arrested 383 people after a week-long operation stretching from northern Italy to Naples.

Those arrested came from Eastern Europe, Albania, Greece, North Africa and China, and face charges ranging from illegal entry into Italy to prostitution, drug trafficking and robbery.

Over fifty people were immediately taken to the border for expulsion.


Twenty-two Bangladeshis, who illegally migrated to Hyderabad and even secured ration and voter identity cards, were arrested by the city police here on Monday.

While some of them had been living here for years, a few arrived in the past six months, Commissioner’s Task Force DCP V.B. Kamalasan Reddy said. The arrests were made during the raids at Jirra, Muradnagar and Zebabagh in Asifnagar and Mir Alam Mandi in the old city in the backdrop of an alert that four Bangladeshi nationals were planning terror strikes in the city.

The Bangladeshis confessed to the police that they managed to sneak into India by bribing brokers at the bordering towns like Raj Sahi and Murshidabad.


More than 300 illegal immigrants arrested or deported in crackdown

Law enforcement agents rounded up or deported more than 300 illegal immigrants in the Los Angeles area during three weeks of raids that ended this week, immigration officials announced Friday.

The arrests were part of raids that were conducted across California, in which 905 illegal immigrants were arrested, officials said.

The majority of the 327 people who were arrested in the Los Angeles area were immigrants who had ignored final orders of deportation or who re-entered the United States after being deported, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) spokeswoman Tammy Wilson said.

About a quarter of the immigrants arrested in Southern California had criminal histories besides being in the country illegally, Wilson said.

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