Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Send in Your Envelopes

Just got this from the Winstons:-

After the testimony on how PM Olmert received large sums of cash in unmarked Envelopes for many years - a new grass-roots movement is springing up in pockets throughout Israel: "Tnuat Matafot" - "The Envelope Movement".

Some are printing up Envelopes saying "Olmert HaBayita" - "Olmert Go Home" (signed) "Tnuat HaMatafot" - "The Envelope Movement" and distributing them. Others are carrying around Envelopes in a demonstrative manner - so everyone will get the message, or posting them in obvious places.

There is even talk of "Hafganot Matafot" - "Envelope Demonstrations" where people will wave Envelopes and poster sized Envelopes and call for PM Olmert to resign.

The "Envelope Movement" is just starting.

Let’s see where it goes and who takes it there.

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yitz said...

Great, this is almost as good as this [sorry, it has to be in Hebrew]:
איך מכניסים חמשה פוליטיקאים מושחתים לרכב פולקסוואגן מדגם חפושית? – תוהים ליצני המסדרונות הפוליטיים ומשיבים: ''שנים מקדימה ושלשה מאחורה גם כן מ'קדימה' ''.

from, the rest is here: