Friday, May 23, 2008

Abbas on Jerusalem: Just for the Record

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas told the Palestine Investment Conference in Bethlehem that parts of Jerusalem that Israel liberated from Jordan in 1967 belong to the Palestinians.

“East Jerusalem is ours and it's an occupied territory,” Abbas said on Wednesday, 21 May 2008...“It must be returned,” he demanded, though he did not mention the fact it was never the Palestinians to start off with.

Trying to sound more conciliatory Abbas added, “We are holding serious and thorough talks with the Israelis with the hope of reaching an agreement before the end of this year. Our hands are extended to anyone who wants security and stability for this precious land.”

...On a number of previous occasions Abbas has made his views known.

In a Washington Post article on Sunday, 30 September 2007 he declared, “I say and have always said that east Jerusalem is an occupied territory. We have to restore it.”

Does East Jerusalem, a la Abbas, include the Temple Mount and Western Wall, or not or what?


Oh, and I noticed this at the Conference site:-

Media Contact Info:

For information regarding dates, venues, speakers, attendees and sponsors, or to arrange an interview with PIC-Palestine-2008 officials, staff, and sponsors, please contact:

Rania Maree
Sky Advertising and PR/ Asda'a Exclusive Affiliate in Palestine
Tel: (+970 or 2) 2 298 6878
Fax: (+970 or 2) 2 298 6879


Is there a connection that needs to be investigated here? A Pal. PR agent gets ad revenue for Sky and is in close cooperation with the PA?

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Suzanne Pomeranz said...

Taking a cue from the email address of the pr person, I tried to access and got a window with an "Under Construction" icon and "This Site is Hosted @ Palnet Communications Ltd" underneath it.

I also did a Google Search on "Sky Advertising and PR" and got this list which is mostly the same (and your link is in there, Winkie):

See also:


So, maybe they are using the word "Sky" to make their own connection????