Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Rafi Eitan Interview On Pollard

Rafi Eitan, currently a Minister in Ehud Olmert's Kadima-led coalition government, and previously a Mossad agent and ultimate handler of Jonathan Pollard, was interviewed in the Maariv weekend magazine this past week.

Below is a scan of most of the section devoted to the question of his involvement and thoughts on the case:-

Here are some highlights (the official Pollard site, that is, the one run by Elaine/Esther doesn't mention it):-

"...the reason I took upon myself the entire responsibility for the case is that I already had it all on my head. I couldn't have been smacked around more than I had been. America is closed to me. I left my position [at LAKAM]. And we can't repeat what happened in 1954, with the [Lavon] Affair and with the question who gave or didn't give the order...and I knew that if I would say one more additional word regarding someone else, a ring of hell would open. And so, the entire responsibility is mine, only mine and thank you and that's it. Thus, I have finished with the story."

"...the US intelligence services, and there are maybe 20 of them in all, made a joint decision not to permit him [Pollard] ever to be released until the end of his life. Q. Why? There have been worse spies than him that were sentenced to shorter terms? The reason isn't Pollard. It's Israel. They decided as they decided. They aren't hiding it...Q. Can anything be done? To my regret, no. What can Israel do? Break relations with the US? This is silly....Every visit of an Israeli personality with Pollard harmed him. The recognition of him as an agent, the Israel identity card. All this harmed him, worsened his situation. Q. What do they want from him, for God's sake? Not from him. It's not him. It's us. It's connected to the relationship system between the American intelligence services and the state of Israel. Q. So, they are taking revenge on you and your friends on his back? Yes...Pollard never caused any harm to the US (here, Eitan expands and refers to the Aldrich case - YM)"

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