Thursday, May 22, 2008

Guess - Where Is This Taking Place?

The streets of ____________, resembled an armed camp on Wednesday.

On _____________, near where a _____ man was assaulted by __________ last month, police officers milled around a mobile command center. Two blocks farther down, at the corner where a Jewish teenager was robbed and beaten by ___________ last week, an officer stood watch. Marked police cars have been following yeshiva school buses since last week, when ____________ threw rocks through the windows of a bus full of Hasidic toddlers.

On ______________, officers peered down from a crane and scanned the horizon from a rooftop for signs of trouble.

Along the wide streets lined with splendid brownstones and brick apartment buildings in one of the city’s most vibrantly multiethnic neighborhoods, officers from at least 10 precincts stood on corners, studied maps of unfamiliar territory and handed report logs to plainclothes colleagues in unmarked sport utility vehicles.

Is this in Jerusalem? Acre? Downtown Hebron?


Crown Heights, Brooklyn. New York. United States of America.

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