Monday, April 21, 2008

Widening Roads at Shiloh

Here at the original Shiloh, the entrance road to our community was recently repaved, slightly widened and a sidewalk was contructed leading down to the junction where the road splits off to Shvut Rachel and our outpost communities.

Seems though that another Shiloh road project is stuck.

One in Montana:-

Cooperation needed to get Shiloh Road rolling

The widening of Shiloh Road was a big, complex project when it first was put at the top of the local highway priority list in 2000.

Over the past eight years, completion of the 4.5-mile arterial has grown much more expensive and no less complex. Two years ago, the project cost was estimated to be $20 million...A year ago, the project price tag was $39.5 million. Despite multimillion-dollar earmarks procured by U.S. Sen. Max Baucus, money is short because the costs have gone up with changes in the project and keep going up with construction price inflation.

...In an interview with The Gazette Friday, Lynch discussed some issues that concerned Policy Coordinating Committee members Wednesday. Lynch said that the price for right of way acquisitions along Shiloh Road has to be settled before construction starts because the project is "fiscally constrained." Questions previously had arisen about landowners granting right of way so the project could proceed with the price to be settled later.

...As City-County Planning Board Chairman Al Littler said, private land values along Shiloh will skyrocket after the public invests in improving the road. Hundreds of millions of dollars in commercial development has been projected for this arterial corridor.

But first, landowners, developers and government agencies at every level need to coordinate their efforts and clearly communicate their views. Let's get Shiloh moving on a faster, fully funded track.

Gee, it sounds as if they are ciopying the projects in Jerusalem.

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