Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Interesting Stats

Newark does not instantly evoke images of Kosher Central, but a warehouse district on the city’s outskirts has been the home of Manischewitz’s core production since it consolidated three plants into one in 2006. And all those seemingly nontraditional products reflect the way kosher food has become a growth area in a country whose Jewish population is more or less stagnant.

The company says there are now 86,000 kosher-certified products, the market is growing between 10 and 15 percent annually, and more than 14,000 new kosher products have been introduced in the United States and Canada over the last five years.

Non-Jews make up the market’s fastest-growing segment, the company says...

...matzo baked in a separate one with its 150-foot, three-zone tunnel oven churning out almost a thousand matzos a minute.


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